The Swiss FinTech licence (1b Baking Act) allows institutions to accept public deposits of up to CHF 100 million or cryptobased assets, provided that these are not invested and no interest is paid on them.

Atrinum. I Fintech specializes in handling your Swiss FinTech license application. We structure your project to align it with Swiss regulatory standards and keep it compliant.

To current date a total of only seven FinTech Licenses (Art. 1b Banking act) were granted in Switzerland. Two of those were handled entirely by Atrinum. I Fintech Team. We confidently can say, that our Team is highly specialized to handle the application for your project, while you benefit from an proven  set of documents as foundation to safe time and budget.

Our support includes an optional obtaining a “Sand-Box” environment initially and gaining membership in a Self Regulatory Organisation (SRO) (Art. 6 Abs. 2 und 3 BankV).


  • Public Deposits: up to 100m CHF
  • Use of Deposits: Deposit business only (no interest margin business)
  • Minimum Capital: CHF 300,000 or 3% of deposits (by law) - realistically we recommend 1.000.000 CHF minimum.
  • - Supervision and monitoring: Reduced requirements on auditor
  • Accounting: As per Swiss Code of Obligations
  • Organizational requirements: Exceptional relaxation of requirements possible
  • Other requirements:
  • - guarantee of proper business conduct
  • - compliance function and a functioning risk management system
  • - comply with all financial market laws and anti-money laundering provision

Atrinum. I Fintech

Our advisory we advise or create on the following topics and directives

  • Detailled Financial and Business planning with worst-, best- and realistic case scenarios incl. market analysis
  • Compliance policy
  • AML & CTF policy
  • Business continuity management
  • Business partner evaluations
  • Cross-border Activities
  • Data Protection Policy
  • EU passporting
  • Risk management & ICS policy
  • IT developement
  • IT- and data safety standards and Artifical Intelligence

    - Safeguarding of public deposits

Switzerland FinTech FINMA Application

We've created and refined all necessary documents for a fast-track and seamless FINMA Swiss FinTech application in collaboration with esteemed  Auditors, IT professionals, app developers, database experts, cryptocurrency specialists, and data protection authorities.

These essential documents and guidelines enable you to secure a Swiss FinTech license from FINMA, providing a strong foundation for your FinTech application.

Depending on your needs we will draft the project services to match your current standing in the project from full one.stop.solution to selective consulting in obtaining the license.

Let's get started

With Atrinum. I FinTech, you found a team of specialists that make working together enjoyable and efficient. We diligently choose our clients and partners and provide advice, showcasing expert business practices and well-rounded business models.

Navigating the complexities of a Swiss FinTech application and run it in a permanent compliant way can be challenging - specially from abroad - , but it doesn't have to be a costly marathon with our flexible solutions that can be mixed and matched to your project.

We  present an one.stop.solution package, where we establish your company, select and appoint experts to the board of directors and hire the local management (on a cost efficient part-time base if needed), manage accounting, KYC, KYT, AML and taxes for you.

Preserve your resources, energy, and finances. Bring your business to the market swiftly while collaborating with proficient individuals up to the task..


a man

Michael Brüggler

Atrinum. I Fintech

It's exciting and I really enjoy working with specialists from the FinTech community. My colleagues and I supported MOGLI AG and ONE Capital AG with great interest and joy. In the fast-paced FinTech world time to market is a key component of success. It has been shown that it is efficient for everyone involved when experienced specialists lead a start-up through the very demanding application process for this new category.

a man in a suit and red tie

Marco Valenti, Partner

Grant Thornton AG

We checked the FinTech license application prepared by FinTech Werkstatt for MOGLI AG and ONE Capital Switzerland before submitting it to FINMA and considered both as very good. The collaboration with Michael Brüggler was very professional and pleasant. Questions and additions were answered and dealt with in the shortest possible time by the experts at Atrinum. I FinTech AG. We would be delighted to continue to examine further FinTech applications that were created by the experts of Atrinum. I FinTech AG.

a man in a suit and orange tie

Donat Jösler

Chairman of MOGLI AG

Together with Michael Brüggler, we were able to prepare the application for the FinTech license in an efficient and cost-effective manner. All the necessary documents have been prepared for us. The technical discussions in the areas of Business Plan, AMLA, Risk & Compliance, Outsourcing, Cross-Border and Budgets helped us a lot to focus our startup on important points and risks at an early stage. We are very satisfied and look forward to working togehter in the future.

a man in a suit and glasses standing in front of a building

Markus Maier, COO

ONE Capital Switzerland AG

Atrinum. I FinTech AG has made it possible to gain access to very innovative rule-based programming. This saved us a lot of time and money. I would like to thank Mr. Brüggler for introducing various correspondent banks and partners in Switzerland and abroad. In our discussions with the Swiss National Bank, the Swiss Exchange and SWIFT, Atrinum. I FinTech AG provided us with optimal insights. Atrinum. I FinTech AG is also a competent partner when it comes to implement the ISO standard 20022.