Atrinum. believes in long term relationships with our clients. We usually won't simply sell off our solutions, but rather engage with our clients a  strategic involvement in operating the future business and provide (if needed) a full backbone solution on swiss ground for various use cases.
As regulated industries nowadays require in-depth experience from both a business and legal perspective, our compliance and regulatory team works pragmatic alongside experienced experts  specialized in tax, consulting, accounting, and financial advisory to deliver practical advice from multiple viewpoints.

FinTech / Crypto / Blockchain

Financial Intermediaries

The Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act states that financial intermediaries must become members of a self-regulatory organisation (SRO) under civil law as a way of preventing money laundering.

Atrinum. is offering turn-key solutions to engage as financial intermediary in switzerland and provides a one.stop.solution for your operations ranging from KYC/AML Management, Tax & Legal Advisory, Accounting, local director (mandate or operational ), a proprietary Backoffice suite for KYC and AML SaaS Documentation and workflow (ATR.kyc.suite), to introduction to our banking and our financial service provider network (paymasters, white label credit cards, Virtual IBAN providers, FX, Brokerage, Banking, etc)

Potential use cases within this "license" are

- Blockchain Payment Plattforms
- Paymaster Services
- Remittance
- FinTechs
- Asset Advisory (see details below)

Asset Management

Fintech License

To boost innovative financial companies and to support technology and digitalization, the FINMA has introduced the new FinTech licence – a "banking license light" with relaxed requirements under Article 1b of the Banking Act.

The license is granted directly by FINMA and enables accepting deposits of up to CHF 100 million from the public on a professional basis.

Atrinum provides a one.stop.solution to set up your FinTech in Switzerland.

We introduce and hire suitable local CEOs, CFOs, engaging the right Audit Company, Accounting, Tax & Legal set up, draft of all applicable directive, contract third-party providers, TechDevelopers, Risk Management and handle the whole application procedure with FINMA as a single point of contact for you in a fully customized solution.

Switzerland Payment Service Provider (PSP) License

A permit for a Payment Service Provider (PSP) falls under the extensive scope of payment systems in Switzerland. The licensing of Payment Systems is encompassed within the vast range of ‘payment systems’ under the Financial Market Infrastructure Act of Switzerland.

To apply for a Switzerland Payment Service Provider, one must submit an application to the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Applicants might need to adhere to the Banking Act, the Anti-Money Laundering Act, the Consumer Credit Act, and the National Bank Act. Additionally, they may have to follow any extra regulations or directives issued by the relevant authorities. A license under the Financial Market Infrastructure Act is necessary for all organizations offering payment services.

The FMIA might assess the applicant's financial stability based on the funds they possess and their experience in the field. The type of licenses needed for an applicant will be determined by the regulators, taking into account the business plan and functional model of the applicant. Apart from the licensing prerequisites, there is a monthly reporting obligation for e-money issuers and acquirers exceeding a threshold of CHF 50 million. The threshold for monthly reporting is set at CHF 100 million for payment system operators who deal exclusively with payment processing and settlement.

Atrinum boasts a team of seasoned professionals who will guide you through the entire process of the Switzerland Payment Service Provider application, including support in document preparation, application submission, and addressing any inquiries from the BaFIN. We encourage you to contact Atrinum as soon as possible to thoroughly comprehend the entire procedure and apply for a Switzerland Payment Service Provider.