What’s a Nominee Director?

The Board of Directors (Public limited company) and the Managing Director (Private Limited Company) in Switzerland, has existed since 01/01/2008 from at least one person residing in Switzerland (EU or CH citizens).

In practical case, the shareholders need at least 1 person resident in Switzerland to occupy the office of the Board, Director or Managing Director. Other members of the administration are not due obliged to be resident in Switzerland.

The Board of Directors may consist of several persons. The Board of Directors is subject to the shareholders and can always be re-elected by the Extraordinary General Meeting.

“We provide trustee service for you and your company”.

Our staff is trained and well educated in this class of business and has a lot of experience. We inform you about all possibilities and assist you with the Administrative Council while allocating one of our experts either for a year or a time you want and need.

Our service consists in the establishment of competent and fiduciary boards, Directors & Managing Director on a mandate basis. The cooperation governs the Trust Deed. Business accounts are held exclusively with collective signing (control mechanism).

Duties of the Trustee

The duties of the trustee are generally in the control of bookkeeping, representation before authorities and the execution of orders by the shareholders. The trustee is under the duty to act solely in the context of the statutory barriers.

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Comparison Switzerland – Germany

The Administrative Council in Switzerland is like the Board of Directors in Germany. In contrast to the Board of Directors, the Administrative Council is not to control you and your company, it is more responsible for the direction of your company. Due to the law in Switzerland, it is not necessary to have an executive board in your company like in Germany. In practice it is common to have an executive board if your company has a special size.