Asset Management License

Swiss Company Structure with Asset Management License

New regulations are reshaping Switzerland’s financial architecture, presenting challenges for wealth management and trustee activities as they need direct authorization for the first time. We consult a licensing process and determine how to structure internal and external.


If you looking for a solution to provide asset management and other financial related activities in Switzerland, the key is a membership in an SRO – Self regulation organization or directly FINMA supervision depending on your intended scope of activity.

  • carry out credit transactions (in particular in relation to consumer loans or mortgages, factoring, commercial financing or financial leasing);
  • provide services related to payment transactions, in particular by carrying out electronic transfers on behalf of other persons, or who issue or manage means of payment such as credit cards and travellers’ cheques;
  • trade for their own account or for the account of others in banknotes and coins, money market instruments, foreign exchange, precious metals, commodities and securities (stocks and shares and value rights) as well as their derivatives;
  • manage assets;
  • make investments as investment advisers;
  • Hold securities on deposit or manage securities.


Atrinum is offering tailor made solutions for getting authorized to perform asset management with a swiss company.

  • Offering Company formations and ready-made shelf companies. Vintage and new.
  • Offering high quality Domicile and Office Space throughout Switzerland
  • Offering qualified mandate directorship positions to obtain SRO-Membership
  • Taking care of SRO-Membership application within an FINMA approved SRO or accompany and lead directly FINMA Supervision.