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Your trusted asset management

We manage and organize privat wealth and corporate assets. Everything that deals with money, investments and people. This we do with great respect for the wealth created, with in-depth professional experience, and the long-term view needed. We are independent in our thinking and in our actions. It is the interests of our clients, only, that we represent. Risk management, transparency, reliability and integrity are an integral part of our business values.

– Asset Structuring

– Asset Consolidation and Reporting

– Direct Investments

– Investment Management / Participations and Real Estate

– wealth planning

– Advisory and Coaching

– Own Investment Products

– Matrimonial / Inheritance Law


Most investors think in absolute return terms. In challenging times they want to preserve their capital – in good times they want to participate. Our investment approach is simple: We aim at protecting assets against “uncontrolled” losses during challenging times, while in favorable market environments we want to participate. During either circumstances we interact with our clients regularly.

Risk Management

We aim at avoiding uncontrolled losses. This we achieve by defining the appropriate asset allocation, the choice of (in general) low priced, transparent and tradable investment products, and finally by the selection of the best partners (custodian bank, fund managers, etc.).


Our investment process is systematic. Our macro approach relies mostly on independent economic and political information sources. It leads us to defining various investment scenarios. A sophisticated data model provides us with clear indications about the degree of the maturity of indices (regions, sectors) and currencies. This data show to us without emotions how markets are valued and where potential or where more risk than potential exists. The findings of both approaches are combined and reflected in the investment portfolios.

Portfolios are monitored with a clear view on risks. The selection of appropriate investments is important. Any product used must meet minimal standards concerning transparency, cost, tradability, manager risks, etc. Most of our investments pursue a longer-term investment horizon. As a result, account turnover is small. This is also possible due to our product and manager selection. Over the years, the management of foreign exchange exposures has been given more and more attention. Any identifiable changes in the investment environment are taken into account.